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What Is Drip Therapy?

IV drips are an excellent option for individuals experiencing difficulty in ingesting fluid and medication due to illness or impaired intestinal absorption. The IV drips are directly administered to a person’s bloodstream, offering a higher percentage of absorption rate than other forms of medication. This way, essential vitamins, supplements, and other nutrients needed by the body can be easily administered so patients experiencing deficiencies can improve their health with a treatment that works.

Here are the IV Therapy treatments we offer.

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Hydrate Drip

Hydrate drips offer your body essential vitamins and minerals, including electrolytes and other fluids. With this form of treatment, you can expect to feel instantly rehydrated and recharged.

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Myers Drip

Myers drip is used to help alleviate symptoms of menstrual cramps and muscle pain. This also helps increase a person’s daily energy levels.

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Slim Drip

Slim drip is done to help those who are looking to lose weight and increase their metabolism. A high metabolism can help a person burn more calories during activities and even if the person is at rest.

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Beauty Drip

Beauty Drip can help brighten a person’s skin and promote an overall youthful glow.

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Hangover Drip

A hangover drip is used to help people who are recovering from the remnants of a late-night party tackle the next day with the energy they may normally have when they’re well-rested. It also helps control hangover symptoms, avoid nausea, and prevent inflammation and acid reflux.

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Fit Drip

Fit Drip is more popular among athletes who want their bodies to keep up with the demands they need to meet to improve their performance. With the administration of a high dose of vitamins and amino acids, they can strengthen their muscles and live healthy life.

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Migraine Drip

Migraine can be debilitating for a person if not addressed appropriately. Good thing migraine drips are available to help them maintain their daily routines without inflammation, pain, or nausea.

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Libido Drip

Libido drip introduces essential vitamins and amino acids, which will help relax a person’s state of mind and increase blood flow. Both of these are essential in improving the sexual drive among couples.

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Immuno Drip

Immuno Drip helps a person improve their immune system, which is essential in fighting infections and illnesses caused by the body’s vulnerability to bad bacteria.

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Vitamin C Drip

Vitamin C helps a person be energized throughout the day, helping them perform their daily activities with mental clarity and focus.

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Nad+ is a DNA repair and anti-aging tool that helps individuals that take it look young due to its neuroprotection capabilities.

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